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Over the past 23 years, I (Dick Frantzreb) have sung some 2,000 different solos in Christian Science churches in the Sacramento area, and for almost every one, I have recorded my pre-church rehearsal.  The purpose at the time was to give me the opportunity to listen to myself before each service to improve my eventual performance.  However, I saved the recordings in case I might use a piece again.

Many years ago now, it was suggested to me that other soloists and church music committees might benefit from this collection of recordings, that it might help them decide whether to use or purchase a particular piece.  So I decided to experiment by making the collection available on this site.  In the ensuing years, I've heard from many who have found these recordings useful.  And in recent years, other soloists have added their recordings to this collection.

Using the links below, you can access the collection by title, composer or lyricist.  The most recent solos from me, and from the other singers, are collected on the "Latest Solos" page.  The best recordings are highlighted in the "My Favorites" page.

As you listen to these recordings, please keep in mind many of my recordings were made during pre-church rehearsals, using portable equipment, and sometimes under less-than-ideal conditions.  Still, I hope that you may find the recordings helpful.

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